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The Federal™ and Grand Federal™ are designed and used in areas to take advantage of natural breeze with the saw tooth truss style. The Federal™ features a straight slope and the Grand Federal™ uses an arched shape to allow for the advantage of covering with either double layer poly film or polycarbonate panels. Used in combination with the SideWinder roll-up vents, SideWinder roll-up walls, or drop curtains, this is a great design to utilize natural air flows.


  • Roll formed stucture for superior strength
  • Built in condensaton removal channels
  • Coverable in corrugated polycarbonate, multilayered polycarbonate, double layer poly, and shade cloth
  • Easy expansion capabilities at gutter and length-wise
  • Aluminum finish trim and vents for sidewalls and gables
  • Standard clear span widths of 24 and 30 feet

Click the drawing below for further details on maximizing the natural ventilation of your greenhouse with the SideWinder Roll-Up Curtain System available from United Greenhouse Systems.

Federal™ Blueprint by United Greenhouse Systems
Photo 1 - Federal™ Structure by United Greenhouse Systems

Several Federal™ structures gutter connected with SideWinder roll-up walls and vents to maximize natural ventilation in a large growing operation.

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Photo 2 - Federal™ Structure by United Greenhouse Systems

Incorporating a sloped shape curtain system in a Federal™ structure greenhouse maximizes growing space heights and mimimizes non-inuslated / shaded areas.

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Photo 3 - Federal™ Structure by United Greenhouse Systems

Choose the Grand Federal™ structure with the arch shaped Federal™ design for increased covering options including poly, shade cloth & polycarbonate.

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