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The Pioneer™ is a 20 foot wide, ground-to-ground, non-code, cold frame capable of achieving many desired growing environments. Coverable in either a single or double layer of poly, as well as shade cloth, the Pioneer™ is a high quality structure and an economically valued greenhouse option.


  • Roll formed structure for superior strength
  • Built in condensation removal channels
  • Standard 4 foot spacing between arches
  • Easy bolt together construction
  • Roll-up sidewalls available to maximize ventilation
  • Coverable in single or double layer poly and shade cloth

Click the drawings below for further details about the Pioneer™ structure available from United Greenhouse Systems.

Pioneer™ Blueprint by United Greenhouse Systems
Photo 1 - Pioneer™ Structure by United Greenhouse Systems

This Pioneer™ features double layer poly coverings and is equiped with motorized shutters paired with exhaust fans on the opposite endwall for proper ventilation.

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Photo 2 - Pioneer™ Structure by United Greenhouse Systems

Shade cloth coverings, as shown above, are another option for the Pioneer™ structure used to create your desired growing environment.

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Photo 3 - Pioneer™ Structure by United Greenhouse Systems

The Pioneer™ structure offers the greenhouse coverage you need for successful seasons of growth at an affordable price.

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